How SEO indirectly helps to increase your Sales?

SEO and Sales

Recently we have seen that people are confused in SEO and Sales & Marketing. In this confusion they choose and apply wrong strategies on their Business. If you really want to skyrocket your business, then choose wisely your business strategies. Here are difference between SEO and Sales. In other words How SEO indirectly helps to increase your sales.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO comes under Digital Marketing and it’s a modern and quick way to promote your brand globally related to products/services. SEO allow to promote your business products/services keywords in GEO place, and people search those keywords on various search engine and your website is list out in search engine results. With the help of SEO, your website is ranking in the Search Engine Results and when the people search for those keywords related to your product/services, then website is appear in the front of users/customers. It means SEO never sell your services always keep in mind, SEO always help to promote your services and increase your services related query and website audience, target audience on website and help to increase traffic on website promote your brand. SEO help to increase your services query and help in increase your ROI. Finally it up to you or smart team how you handle the enquiry/query and convert into HOT Leads.

In other way, we say that SEO is a process of maximizing the number of visitors to an individual website by confirming that the website ranking appears high in the list of search engine results. SEO is basically an art of pilot traffic to your website organically through keyword research.

SEO Advantages:

1) Even though organic SEO takes long time to show results, in the long run it will be low expensive and you’ll set up a long search credibility that you might not show with Paid marketing/advertising.
2) SEO is very inexpensive, helping you keep less costs and spend money on other key components of your business.

Sales: Sales is sales! It’s converting an enquiry or lead into a contract or shipment. USP (Unique Selling Point) plays a crucial role in sales. Sales is real-time turnover amount, you daily see in your Wallet, and it’s depend on your relation, monopoly, smart sales man, smart marketer, your products/services quality, cost, quantity, weight, brand popularity and many more.

Other definition – A sale is the exchange of a commodity or money as the price of a good or a product/service.

In Real our experience one client hire us for SEO Services, we agree for promote his services industry keywords and we sign contract for rank agreed 6 keywords. We start work last 3 month ago and our team doing day by day good SEO/SMO work and they rank all 6 keywords Google 1st and 2nd page within 3 months. after 3 months client ask we don’t have more sales and we don’t able to effort much more and stop SEO work without any late, means he blaming us for sales and we don’t agree for sales, we agree for SEO/SMO work. Sales depend on customer marketing team, customer products/services, cost and quality of services. We remind his we don’t agree for sales we only agree for promote your website keywords ranking.

Conclusion: In current trends people think if we hire a SEO company then our sales will increase, this is big misunderstanding of people. So first people check out and understand what they looking, if they would like to promote brand and products/services and list in Google top searches then hire SEO Agency, if they looking sales then spend money on Digital Marketing like PPC, AdWords, Campaigns OR you hire smart salesman, salesmen sales your products/services in real smart motivated words and products/services presentation etc. Also you need to put quality and affordable cost for your products/services and you can take some best advice from marketer about products/services quality, costing and other things.

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