Which One The Best PHP Framework For Your Next Project?

The recent development in PHP version seven and also the want for each skill to make up his web site has exaggerated the usage of PHP seven. The recent unleash is additional stable and makes it the simplest language to be used as a server-side programing language. the matter lies in a way to select the correct PHP framework.

PHP is employed even by the highest internet development corporations to make and maintain their systems. Even Facebook uses PHP to take care of their systems. The recent poll shows that eighty-two % of websites square measure being powered by the PHP Framework internet services.

Which One The Best PHP Framework For Your Next Project-www.webespire
Which One The Best PHP Framework For Your Next Project-www.webespire

Before selecting the correct PHP framework, create your vision clear, collect what’s required, and ascertain that what you’d be operating on:

  • What is your main purpose behind building the web site? it’s vital to seek out out your real purpose behind building this website. can it be a directory, a social human action web site, Associate in Nursing e-commerce platform or simply an electronic communication frame? If it’s regarding e-commerce, then you’d want a framework that gives you with payment gateways and lots extensions, and if it’s an electronic communication frame, it’ll be a platform that uses databases and multiple servers for quicker property and cargo reconciliation.
  • Which setting would you be mistreatment? Your primary goal decides the setting you’d be using. a significant framework needs further software package and PHP standard styles that you’ll not realize with the shared hosting setting, and you’d got to further transfer it. On the opposite hand, light-weight frameworks need quick servers, higher information manipulation rates, and enormous processing. MySQL is the most suitable choice for such frameworks and provides all further extensions and libraries required for the light-weight framework.
  • What smart developer you are? It doesn’t mean that a foul developer will ne’er build a web site. It’s with regards to finding your weaknesses and strengths. Even a decent developer has weaknesses. This helps beginners to settle on an easy framework. conjointly the protection and also the price of maintaining the web site increase the purpose of that framework to settle on.

How to select PHP Framework?

  • After deciding your purpose, see whether or not the framework provides you with the practicality and also the options meeting your necessities.
  • What new would you learn from it?
  • Is it attainable to expand it and compress it to limit you wished to? and mix completely different modules.
  • Does the PHP framework Development Company provides regular updates and is often maintained?
  • Does the PHP framework development web site have an Associate in the Nursing updated forum to assist its users with the difficulties?
  • Do the PHP framework internet services offer short or long run supports?

PHP Frameworks will be broadly speaking Classified into 3 sorts

  • Glue Framework: it no tightly controls modules and therefore provides nice flexibility. it’s designed for high-end developers giving them the liberty to program within the method they require.
  • Full-stack Framework: it’s a configuration centered framework, and then provides lesser flexibility than the glue sort. it’s the simplest possibility for beginners sanctionative them to follow codes for {the completely different|the various} frameworks and permitting them to feature different options to further modules.
  • The mixed framework may be a combination of each the total stack and glue sort, giving the user choices to use either of them relying upon the necessity.

An excellent PHP framework is one that gives modularity, is climbable, has a simple programming platform, higher potency, supports nearly each management system, error detection, and correction options, and encompasses a huge community for all spherical development and support for developers. For me, Laravel is the final winner because it has all the options.

Laravel is the latest and also the most stable framework employed by the highest net development corporations. Now, select your PHP framework with wisdom once longing all the main points and also the one that meets nearly every demand.

What is the PHP framework?

The framework is a combined collection of tools, libraries, and scripts, conditioned by a single programming convention to standardize, speed up work and solve basic complications for a programmer.
If PHP frameworks won’t exist, with each separate project, we would have to worry about advanced and error-free database support, friendly URLs, session management, sending e-mails and hundreds of other smaller or larger formalities that are universal and should not take our time. We do not have to worry about it at all because of the ready-made projects called frameworks. We have time to focus on more important issues, and not on repetitive tasks that we would not do as well as the entire community that is constantly using and improving the framework.

What PHP frameworks are available?

If we already know the advantages of using frameworks, it is worth thinking about which one to choose for the job. If we want to experiment and have time, it is worth knowing the basics of each and choose the one that suits us best. However, usually we do not have so much free time and it will be better to know one framework, but exactly.

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of the most popular PHP frameworks, in searching for the one from which it is best to start our adventure and which will best meet our needs.

Currently, the most popular PHP frameworks are Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend, CakePHP, Phalcon, Slim.

Let us briefly discuss all solutions:


The most popular PHP framework at the moment, despite the fact that it was created only in 2011. Around Laravel emerged a huge ecosystem of services, solutions and training materials that have been created (the mere mention of a huge compendium of knowledge is the Laracasts website — we highly recommend all PHP programmers, not only those using Laravel).
Laravel has its own ORM — Eloquent, its own template system — Blade, the vastness of ready-made out-of-the-box solutions, among others authorization, cache support, multiple file systems, queues, etc.


One of the most popular PHP frameworks, consisting of many independent modules. There are quite a few other solutions based on these modules, for example, Drupal, the phpBB forum, and Laravel.
The use of modules from Symfony allows you to speed up your work in every aspect of the work on the website.

Symfony has also gathered around a very large community with a large number of successful implementations of large scale services.


Codelgniter is a quite light project, occupying barely 2MB, with a simple configuration and very good documentation. It was created in 2006, but it did not develop at the same pace as other frameworks.
At some point there was a risk that the project would die, however, it has been developing rapidly for 2 years.
Codelgniter does not use many solutions, which were in PHP 5.6 and PHP 7, thanks to it is not compatible even with version 5.2.4 (which we do not recommend), but it is an advantage when we have no exit and we must use servers shared with the old a configuration that can not be updated. But besides, it is very fast and allows a lot of freedom in programming style (which is an advantage, as well as a disadvantage)


Yii is a framework that focuses on speed and simplicity. Like other frameworks, it allows you to generate many objects/files for us and allows you to automate basic tasks such as cache, authorization, tests, translations, etc.

It is strongly integrated with jQuery, thanks to which it allows unique integration of front-end and back-end by Ajax.

Zend Framework

Zend is a quite complex, albeit complicated, framework. It has a lot of facilities like built-in drag & drop editor or online code debugging. The main plus is its performance on large projects.
However, due to the multitude of configurations and the possibilities of efficiency improvements, it is certainly not the best solution to start with.


CakePHP is quite an old solution compared to this statement, but still very popular. It has very good documentation, is easy to use, but also uses a lot of modern PHP concepts such as namespaces.


A very interesting solution is Phalcon, which was created in 2012 and unlike the rest of the frameworks, it was written in C and C ++ to achieve the highest performance (PHP itself is written in C ++, although PHP7 in some tests is slightly faster than pure C ++). This also affects the type of code, which is more low-level, devoid of abstraction, which reduces the number of resources used, but also the readability of the code.

After all, if we care about speed, first of all, it is certainly an interesting solution, but in the context of API (where performance is key), the more recent solution in this statement might be a more appropriate solution.


Slim is a microframework, with a minimum of facilities, which primarily has speed and efficiency as its main goals. The main application is a REST-based API (abbreviated as network services that perform operations and recovers data based on HTTP-based requests), where you do not need many solutions used in complex websites.

Slim has, of course, the basics of caching, routing, session security and cookies. In addition to the API, you can also build fully-fledged websites, but in comparison to other frameworks, many improvements will not be available, due to its nature.

Webespire Consulting

Webespire Consultancy is a trusted name recognized for offering mobile app development, offshore web design, offshore web application development across the globe. We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish, unique and customized web portals and digital marketing services.

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Choose the Best Platform to Develop Your Business

Website Development Company in India offers the best theme for redesigning your website that helps to enhance the brand of your firm. The key part of any website is its look and feel as it decides the time of visitors spends on our website. The main solution to enhance your business is its design as it decides the functionality of the whole website.

The virtue of the website depends on how well it is being designed and developed. Thus, the website must be designed that magnifies the attention of the visitors in the first sight. The look and feel of the website must be in such a way that it leaves the unique impact in the mind of the visitors.

The module of the website decides its design and features. Designing is one of the most important phases of the development so it must be well planned.

Look and feel of any website is the primary key on the website because it leaves the positive impact in the mind of visitors it decides the functionality of our business. Every customer today wants to save their time as well as money so they move towards online shopping thus the speed of loading the page is fast.

The element of our website must arrange in such way that user can easily use and understand our services.  Website designing is basically an art, in which a designer has to arrange all the elements by using the creativity of his mind and put all the effort to accomplish a particular task.

Website designing company in India is having an expertise and ample of experienced developers that delivers the successful projects to its client. Customize website designing is delivers to the clients by using various platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, Magento, and many more.

Website designing company India pays special attention to the responsiveness of website as in the digital evolution everyone uses smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc for shopping or gathering information. Thus, choose the updated theme for your website and change the look and feel of the website.

Webespire Consulting

Webespire Consultancy is a trusted name recognized for offering mobile app development, offshore web design, offshore web application development across the globe.

We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish,
unique and customized web portals and digital marketing services.

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Reasons why Mobile Applications fail

Mobile Applications have become an indispensable part of present day technology. In March 2017 about 2.8 million mobile applications were available on Google Play. The corresponding figure for Apple App Store was 2.2 million.

In spite of the Applications being used by various segments of people depending on the utility Mobile Applications sometimes fail to meet their utility.

Why do some applications fail?

  • Proper research work not done – It happens many a times that the Mobile Application Is developed without proper research. The targeted consumers are not properly recognized. It is very necessary to see what the competitors have done. Have they made a similar application? How did it fare? Have improvements or additional features to be introduced over and above the Application made by the competitors. An Application with the same features as already made by a competitor will not be liked by the audience.

  • Usability across various platforms – A user friendly mobile application which can show its use across various platforms is what the developers of Mobile Applications should consider. Some applications run on Android, but fail across Apple platform. An application should be able to work well across devices, networks and operating systems.

  • A happy user is what makes an Application successful – An application should be user-friendly. If a user struggles to perform basic functions on your application, it is bound to be a failure. The application should load in the minimum possible time period.

  • Lack of Consistent Users – Many a times users use an application for 2-3 days and thereafter forget it. It is a part of the mobile memory of the users, but not a part of their own memory. This is due to the lack of features which re-invite the users again and again to use it. Applications should have features which a user needs to have to use it frequently.

  • Lack of Testing – A mobile application should be tested properly. There are bugs in the applications which ultimately have an effect on the application when it is downloaded by the end-users. Sometimes applications are bound to crash under these situations. Most of the common reviews on the application stores are sometimes related to crashing of Mobile Applications.

It is very necessary that time and money are spent on the applications judiciously after considering all above points so as to create an application which has an impact on the users.


Webespire Consulting

Webespire Consultancy is a trusted name recognized for offering mobile app development, offshore web design, offshore web application development across the globe.

We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish,
unique and customized web portals and digital marketing services.

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Why Do You Need A Quality Website Design?

Build trust and worthiness in your Market Niche.

 Your website is the first window to your client/customer. Keep in mind that you are being judged by your website design  first if you are doing an online business seriously. A website is 24*7 open window where can visit anytime, ask for your services if you fall in their requirement periscope. 
If the reaction of user matters for you, If you really want to serve them with your product/services, then please do not provide them a bad experience. What if any users will go back from your site due to lack of navigation and high complexity. If they come and moved back instantly then you are gaining higher bounce rate , that decrement your site in search results. So Don’t dig a pitfall for yourself.

Here first, I have outlined most common points that may lead to rejection in gaining trust.

  1. Inappropriate name for the website
  2. Complex, busy layout
  3. Lack of navigation aids
  4. Boring web design, especially use of color
  5. Pop-up advertisements
  6. Slow introductions to a site (splash pages, slow-loading flash introductions, etc)
  7. Small print
  8. Too much text
  9. Corporate look and feel
  10. Poor search facilities/indexes
Joseph Putnam writes very descriptive information on crazyeggs.Does Good Web Design Really Matter?

Your website design speaks for your company. It highlights your professionalism, builds credibility, trust, and value for the visitors. Moreover, it adds a sense of comfort for the visitor. You have solved your almost issues when you complete above optimization points. The more reasons why you need a quality web design:

  1. Build your website as per user Intent.
  2. An elegant web design improves the conversion ratio for your business.
  3. Supply your research and previous quality work via the website. Helps in building trust.
  4. Want to establish as leading brand.
  5. Take the advantage of Mobile searches with Responsive web design

A modern website can be load with digital marketing weapons viz call to actions, E-mail subscriptions, PDF downloads, Business queries. Take the help of Webmaster who provides you real-time insights about website traffic, users interest, demographics, gender etc.
If you think that your website lacks on these forefronts, you need an expert website designing service that is customized to your needs.

Above list may be force you to think about website. We suggest you to not defocus on your business. Just Hire a offshore/ outsourcing partner for your website activity.

Learn: Why Prime Company and Organizations Outsource their Business Process?

So let us know, what are your needs of having good website design.


Need a quality website design

Webespire Consulting

Webespire Consultancy is a trusted name recognized for offering mobile app development, offshore web design, offshore web application development across the globe.

We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish,
unique and customized web portals and digital marketing services.

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5 Reasons Why to Go with Outsourcing Agencies

Why Prime Company and Organizations Outsource their Business Process?

Here are  top 5 reasons to go with outsourcing service provider agency. 

outsourcing web agencies

Outsourcing is an associate in Nursing association and arrangement during which one company provides best services for one more company that could even be or typically are provided onsite and in-house offshore development services. Outsourcing may be a current trend that’s changing into additional common in IT-Software, net style and knowledge technology and different industries for higher skilled services that have sometimes been considered intrinsic to managing a business in right means.

The key points & factors that have crystal rectifier to a growing tendency of outsourcing area unit absence of knowledgeable labor in some parts of the business method. convenience of cheap labor, cut back project cost accounting, while not comprising on the standard of output. Ability and feasibleness to concentrate on the opposite important business method and result in orientating work.

These factors have specifically contributed to most of the outsourced partners across various location within the world. proficiency in communication capabilities, technical skill and favorable economic packages square measure the foremost important key benefits of outsourcing to the Republic of India.

The key advantages of the Webespire Consulting Offshore Development Center in India:

  1.  Concentrate on Your Base Business: Whereas Webespire focuses on portative the innovation and keeping a meter of the package, the web, mobile application  development activities, your executives and engineers will concentrate on the core & bottom business activities that may produce any competitive advantage for your firm.
  2.   Business De-Risking: Webespire provides you an extended term, trustworthy & professionals partner Who regards your worth and understands your business obligatory. Our service enlargement spans the general spectrum of net, mobile, package application development and maintenance services. Our prediction and understanding deliver you innovative, unpredictable business desires of ability and capability, whereas making certain that the management overheads area unit low. We tend to area unit so best suited to be the a lot of required further offshore partnership.
  3.  Sustained Profitability: Webespire may be a one-stop buy all activities in R & D and IT merchandise development. Our main dedicated focus is to provide a  long profit to your company.
  4.  Reduced the Total price of possession (TCOW): this can be achieved by making certain that an outsized a part of the online, mobile application development work is dead at our offshore centers. We tend to flaunt our ability to deliver commitments on time & perfection, 100 percent quality assurance, cheap price  any ensures identical. This model for net, mobile, package development guarantees price savings up to 45% among the primary six months.
  5. Reduced Time to Market: Our professionality, ability to fulfill the degree of capability and guarantee, innovation desires of your organization ensures a reduced time to world market the daily new applications.

Benefits and downsides of Outsourcing:

Outsourcing most typically called offshoring has professionals and cons thereto. Most of the time, the benefits of outsourcing overshadow the disadvantages of outsourcing.

The benefits of Outsourcing:

Risk-Sharing: one in every of the foremost crucial factors determinant the result of a campaign is risk-analysis. Outsourcing sure parts of your business method helps the organization to shift sure responsibilities to the outsourced seller, offshoring may be the best association and work delivery method for skilled on-line IT business. Since the outsourced seller associate can own specialists team and specialist, they set up and complete analysis your work risk-mitigating factors higher.

Reduced Operational and achievement costs: Immediate hiring may be a volcanic rock method and it isn’t potential to rent continuously right candidates, Outsourcing eludes the requirement to rent people in-house; thus achievement and operational prices is reduced to a good extent. this can be one in every of  the prime benefits of offshore outsourcing for reduced hiring price.

Speed and Expertise: Most of the days task area unit outsourced to vendors, WHO concentrate on their field. The outsourced vendors even have specific instrumentation and advanced technical experience, most of the days higher than those at the outsourcing organization. Effectively the tasks are completed fast, quicker and with higher instant quality work output.

Concentrating on Core method instead of The Supporting Ones: Outsourcing the supporting methods offers the organization longer to strengthen their core business process. generally, the seller holds higher data of business and that they can complete the project quickly with perfection.

The Disadvantages of Outsourcing :

Risk of exposing confidential data: Once a company outsources net style, net Development, Mobile Applications Development, BPO, KPO, E-commerce, HR, Payroll and achievement services, it involves a risk if exposing confidential company info to a third-party in that case each party sign a correct NDA, it’s facilitate to grasp one another higher and increase trust for operating long terms along.

Lack of client focus: Associate in the Nursing outsourced seller is also occupation to the experience desires of multiple organizations at a time. In such state of affairs, vendors might lack complete concentrate on your organization’s tasks. generally one client rent multiple company and that they would love to figure with a totally different team and that they outcome with talent skilled data.

Synchronizing the deliverables: Just in case if you do not select a right & excellent partner for outsourcing, a number of the common drawback areas embrace stretched project delivery time frames, missing sub-standard quality output and inappropriate categorization of responsibilities. At the time, it’s easier to control these factors within a company instead of with Associate in a Nursing outsourced partner. You would like to grasp hebdomadally, project work progress and use project management tool, therefore, you’ll track anytime, what is going on project task/assignment.

Hidden Prices: Though outsourcing most of the days is cost-efficient from time to time the hidden cost concerned in sign language a contract whereas sign language a contract across international boundaries might cause a significant threat after you begin contract before clarifying all cost accounting, and take a look at to grasp if any hidden price. Do your question regards hidden price and makes certain you pay solely skilled charges. With of these professionals and cons of outsourcing to be thought of before really approaching a service supplier, it’s continuously best to specifically verify the importance of the tasks that area unit to be outsourced. it’s continuously useful for a company to contemplate the benefits and downsides of offshoring before really outsourcing it.

Feature of Webespire Offshore Development Center in India:

1) Talent, toppers and high scored IT Engineering professionals,
2) Advanced and high configuration hardware and package utilized by Webespire,
3) 24/7 Power backup and ten MBPS net lease line
4) Track your project work progress via Project management tool, Skype/phone call/WhatsApp speech, each two days work progress via email
5) Look your team activity via CCTV police work and track computer via TeamViewer and move to meeting tool.
6) Your project work runs on your server, claim any time relating to work progress and delivery issue and far additional.

Webespire Consulting

Webespire Consultancy is a trusted name recognized for offering mobile app development, offshore web design, offshore web application development across the globe.

We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish,
unique and customized web portals and digital marketing services.

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Benefits of Using PHP Frameworks Laravel and Phalcon

Developing a web application/ web project requires lots of attention. The complexity and requirement of defines project, it’s development platform. PHP frameworks are one of the most popular frameworks and provide intensive varieties to develop any kind of web application. Here is some our points related to PHP Frameworks.

Why  You Use A PHP Framework:

  • Fast and secure development possibilities.
  • Provide well-organized, reusable and maintainable code.
  • Let you grow over time as web apps running on frameworks are scalable.
  • Provide you supplementary from the worries about the low-level security of a site.
  • Follow the OOPS, MVC (Model-View-Controller) patterns and security that ensures the separation of presentation and logic.
  • Promote advance and modern web development practices, such as MVC and object-oriented programming tools.

Popular Top 10 PHP Frameworks For Your IT Project & Web Developers

1. Laravel
2. Symfony
3. CodeIgniter
4. Yii 2
5. Phalcon
6. CakePHP
7. Zend Framework
8. Slim
9. FuelPHP
10. PHPixie

Benefits of Using PHP Frameworks Laravel and Phalcon

Laravel Application Development:

Laravel Applications Development is one of the popular PHP frameworks which has proven itself. within 4 years, it has shown itself superior over other platforms. Current IT industry Laravel is in demand because of fast development speed-up applications, scalable, extension ability and quick institution. Laravel can make your web applications more performing with MVC (Model, View, Control ) architecture, RESTful Routing, Migrations, Unit Testing, Admin Generation, Validation, Automatic Pagination and many more approaches.

Webespire Consulting specializes in Laravel Applications Development. Webespire Consulting developers are highly experienced in using different programming frameworks. Webespire Consulting works with its clients to use a framework that is well suited to it is clients project requirements.

Webespire Consulting offer advanced and latest technologies, helps the organization to deliver its best in world class web applications and SEO services.The company has talented and technically strong developers, who are highly experienced in different PHP-open source frameworks including Laravel. Phalcon, Zend framework.

Having customers perspective as per our suggestions, we are providing the following various outstanding services in the Laravel framework web development.

  • Laravel web development
  • Website CMS development services
  • Laravel custom development
  • Laravel website template design
  • Laravel package development
  • Laravel web services development
  • Maintenance and support
  • Custom module development
  • Enterprise applications
  • Laravel RESTful App Development
  • Laravel customization and integration
  • Applications re-engineering and Enhancement
  • Mobile app development with Laravel
  • e-commerce Development


  • Composer
  • Restful Routing
  • Comes Bundled With Eloquent
  • Application Logic
  • Intelligently Designed
  • Libraries

Phalcon Application Development:

Phalcon is a high-performance web applications development framework for PHP based on the MVC-OOPS patterns, originally released in 2012. Phalcon is an open source, full stack framework for PHP, Phalcon written as a C-extension, optimized for high performance, and issued under the BSD license. We built robust, feature-rich and easy to use application through Phalcon. Phalcon is quite different as compared to the other frameworks.

Webespire Consulting is a leading web applications development company in New Delhi India offering custom web development services. Through Phalcon, we can give best, speed-up and high quality performing web application services to our clients. We have good expertise, they build fast and easy to use applications using Phalcon framework.

Phalcon shows the highest performance benchmark among others, with the lowest system memory usage, according to system architecture. Phalcon comes with bundles of scalable features that make it the perfect choice for creating high-performance web applications project quickly & efficiently.

Phalcon Framework Development Services

  • Phalcon PHP Web Applications Development
  • eCommerce & CustomizedApps Development
  • Phalcon PHP Custom Websites
  • Web Applications Development Using Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Phalcon PHP Integration Services


Phalcon is popular for its light-weight, fast, secure and flexible user-friendly design, advanced level of performance, less amount of consumed effort, reliability and freedom, it gives to customize way for your projects. This versatile and at the same time lightweight web framework comes with a standards package of baseline features and comprehensive documentation.

  • Ease of Use
  • High Performance
  • Fully Featured
  • Application Logic
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Lightweight Framework

WEBESPIRE is a 360° digital enterprise agency offering quality offshore web design, mobile applications development services. We focus on custom web design & mobile applications development solutions along with core implementation of digital strategies like SEO, SEM and Google analytics for better website monitoring & ranking with major search engines.

Since 2012, Webespire is a Web Design Agency has been a leader in Web/Mobile Applications Development and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, so we know exactly what it takes for a small and large business to succeed online. We design and build websites that appeal directly to your targeted market, make it easy for website audience convert into a customer and are search-optimized from day one.

Why you build your BUSINESS WEBSITE with Webespire Consulting?

  • FREE Domain Name & Hosting
  • Eye Catchy & Mobile Responsive
  • Free Google Developer Tools Implement
  • Solid Foundation & CMS Panel
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Built-In SEO Optimization

We are groupies wrapped in creativity, skills and innovation. We love the idea of caring and sharing. We are the Gen-Next Web Design Agency. We are a passionate, results-oriented Web Design Company team based in India.

We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish, unique and customized web portals and digital MARKETING SERVICES. Our experienced team of professionals is well equipped according to cutting edge technology solutions.

Why you choose Webespire for Web Development Services

Webespire Consulting boasts of a highly skilled and creative team member of UI/UX designers and Web Developers from several industries. Whatever be your project, we would love and happy to sit down with it and create something user-friendly and unique. Our Web Applications Development & Website designing is further supported by 24×7 friendly support and we guarantee to meet more than your expectations. We always ready for provide instant support and listen quickly to our customers.

Webespire Consulting

Webespire Consultancy is a trusted name recognized for offering mobile app development, offshore web design, offshore web application development across the globe.

We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish,
unique and customized web portals and digital marketing services.

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How to Create App in Ionic

Hi Folks !

I am continuing from the last article. I guess you all are able to install the latest open source Framework for cross platform mobile app development.

Mobile applications have great dependency with us. For each and every things weather it is research, travelling, cooking, music or any kind of work, we look for mobile application in their app store. We first check ratings and reviews, then if we are satisfied, then we will go with that.

Not taking so much time , I just want to show the way to start work with Ionic Framework.   Ionic app development

How to Create App in Ionic .

Go to command prompt. (Just go to run and type cmd, it will open command prompt)

You should keep your project folder on desktop.
1. cd Desktop
2. cd testMyApp
3. ionic platform add android
4. ionic build android
Notes:This “ionic build android” will create apk for Android.
5. ionic run android ( Run your apk in android )

Test apps in browser
6. ionic serve

Note: x.jpg image in Project Folder Structure

Hooks:  Hooks are scripts that can be triggered during build process.
They are usually used for Cordova commands and build automated processes.

Platforms:This is the folder where Android and iOS projects are created.

Plugins:This folder contains Cordova plugins.
When you initially create Ionic app some of the plugins will be installed.

Resources: This folder is used for adding resources like icon and splash screen to your project.

SCSS: Ionic core is built with Sass this is the folder where your Sass file is located.

www: Www is main working folder for Ionic developers.
Ionic gives us their default folder structure inside ‘www’ but you can always change it to accommodate your own needs.

CSS: Folder where you will write your CSS styling.
img: for images.
js : contains apps main configuration file (app.js) and AngularJS components (controllers, services, directives).
libs: libs are where your libraries will be placed.
templates: for your HTML files.
index.html: index.html as a starting point to your app.
Other files:
.bowerrc is bower configuration file.
.editorconfig is editor configuration file.
.gitignore is used to instruct what part of the app.
bower.json: bower.json will contain bower components and dependencies if you choose to use bower package manager.
gulpfile.js: gulpfile.js is used for creating automated tasks using gulp task manager.
config.xml: config.xml is Cordova configuration file.
package.json: package.json contains information about the app, dependencies and plugins that are installed using NPM package manager.

I hope you all guys get what I want to share. Feel free to ask more.

Webespire Consulting

Webespire Consultancy is a trusted name recognized for offering mobile app development, offshore web design, offshore web application development across the globe.

We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish,
unique and customized web portals and digital marketing services.

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Next Generation Open Source Framework for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Mobile application becomes a very essential part of today’s digital era. No one want to go with laptop or desktops, when they have mobile devices in their hand.
User want to do each and every thing with mobile. Digital Age is moving, and passionate developers are doing so good. The new arrow of mobile app development is Ionic.

Ionic frameworkIonic Facts and Features:

(1) Ionic is latest open source framework used for mobile application development. Being cross platform, you can develop apps for Blackberry, Android, iOS and Windows platform by simply creating APK file.
(2) You just make code for your application, and create different APK for different mobile platforms. Indeed it saves time.
(3) Ionic provides tools and services for creating mobile UI with native look and feel.
(4) Ionic framework needs native wrapper to be able to run on mobile devices.
(5) Ionic is a powerful HTML 5, SDK that helps you in  building native-feeling mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
(6) Ionic currently requires Angular JS in order to work at its full potential and services.
(7) While you can still use the CSS portion of the framework, you’ll miss out on powerful UI interactions, gestures, animations, and other things.
(8) Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework targeted at building hybrid mobile apps.


Ionic Advantages:

(1) Ionic Lab: Build your code and test it for iOS and Android platform side by side.
(2) Live Reloads: No need to refresh the page after changing code.It save time with instantly update with code.
(3) ngCordova: Angular Js is behind this, powers full native functionality.
(4) A single command is enough to run the code.
Ionic Framework Features:

1. AngularJS
2. CSS components
3. JavaScript components
4. Cordova Plugins

5. Ionic CLI

Setup Requirement:

1.  NodeJS
2.  Android SDK
3.  XCode
3.  Coradova and Ionic

See Video Transcription Here : https://youtu.be/QQmQvPoaSmc


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