Benefits of Using PHP Frameworks Laravel and Phalcon

Developing a web application/ web project requires lots of attention. The complexity and requirement of defines project, it’s development platform. PHP frameworks are one of the most popular frameworks and provide intensive varieties to develop any kind of web application. Here is some our points related to PHP Frameworks.

Why  You Use A PHP Framework:

  • Fast and secure development possibilities.
  • Provide well-organized, reusable and maintainable code.
  • Let you grow over time as web apps running on frameworks are scalable.
  • Provide you supplementary from the worries about the low-level security of a site.
  • Follow the OOPS, MVC (Model-View-Controller) patterns and security that ensures the separation of presentation and logic.
  • Promote advance and modern web development practices, such as MVC and object-oriented programming tools.

Popular Top 10 PHP Frameworks For Your IT Project & Web Developers

1. Laravel
2. Symfony
3. CodeIgniter
4. Yii 2
5. Phalcon
6. CakePHP
7. Zend Framework
8. Slim
9. FuelPHP
10. PHPixie

Benefits of Using PHP Frameworks Laravel and Phalcon

Laravel Application Development:

Laravel Applications Development is one of the popular PHP frameworks which has proven itself. within 4 years, it has shown itself superior over other platforms. Current IT industry Laravel is in demand because of fast development speed-up applications, scalable, extension ability and quick institution. Laravel can make your web applications more performing with MVC (Model, View, Control ) architecture, RESTful Routing, Migrations, Unit Testing, Admin Generation, Validation, Automatic Pagination and many more approaches.

Webespire Consulting specializes in Laravel Applications Development. Webespire Consulting developers are highly experienced in using different programming frameworks. Webespire Consulting works with its clients to use a framework that is well suited to it is clients project requirements.

Webespire Consulting offer advanced and latest technologies, helps the organization to deliver its best in world class web applications and SEO services.The company has talented and technically strong developers, who are highly experienced in different PHP-open source frameworks including Laravel. Phalcon, Zend framework.

Having customers perspective as per our suggestions, we are providing the following various outstanding services in the Laravel framework web development.

  • Laravel web development
  • Website CMS development services
  • Laravel custom development
  • Laravel website template design
  • Laravel package development
  • Laravel web services development
  • Maintenance and support
  • Custom module development
  • Enterprise applications
  • Laravel RESTful App Development
  • Laravel customization and integration
  • Applications re-engineering and Enhancement
  • Mobile app development with Laravel
  • e-commerce Development


  • Composer
  • Restful Routing
  • Comes Bundled With Eloquent
  • Application Logic
  • Intelligently Designed
  • Libraries

Phalcon Application Development:

Phalcon is a high-performance web applications development framework for PHP based on the MVC-OOPS patterns, originally released in 2012. Phalcon is an open source, full stack framework for PHP, Phalcon written as a C-extension, optimized for high performance, and issued under the BSD license. We built robust, feature-rich and easy to use application through Phalcon. Phalcon is quite different as compared to the other frameworks.

Webespire Consulting is a leading web applications development company in New Delhi India offering custom web development services. Through Phalcon, we can give best, speed-up and high quality performing web application services to our clients. We have good expertise, they build fast and easy to use applications using Phalcon framework.

Phalcon shows the highest performance benchmark among others, with the lowest system memory usage, according to system architecture. Phalcon comes with bundles of scalable features that make it the perfect choice for creating high-performance web applications project quickly & efficiently.

Phalcon Framework Development Services

  • Phalcon PHP Web Applications Development
  • eCommerce & CustomizedApps Development
  • Phalcon PHP Custom Websites
  • Web Applications Development Using Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Phalcon PHP Integration Services


Phalcon is popular for its light-weight, fast, secure and flexible user-friendly design, advanced level of performance, less amount of consumed effort, reliability and freedom, it gives to customize way for your projects. This versatile and at the same time lightweight web framework comes with a standards package of baseline features and comprehensive documentation.

  • Ease of Use
  • High Performance
  • Fully Featured
  • Application Logic
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Lightweight Framework

WEBESPIRE is a 360° digital enterprise agency offering quality offshore web design, mobile applications development services. We focus on custom web design & mobile applications development solutions along with core implementation of digital strategies like SEO, SEM and Google analytics for better website monitoring & ranking with major search engines.

Since 2012, Webespire is a Web Design Agency has been a leader in Web/Mobile Applications Development and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, so we know exactly what it takes for a small and large business to succeed online. We design and build websites that appeal directly to your targeted market, make it easy for website audience convert into a customer and are search-optimized from day one.

Why you build your BUSINESS WEBSITE with Webespire Consulting?

  • FREE Domain Name & Hosting
  • Eye Catchy & Mobile Responsive
  • Free Google Developer Tools Implement
  • Solid Foundation & CMS Panel
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Built-In SEO Optimization

We are groupies wrapped in creativity, skills and innovation. We love the idea of caring and sharing. We are the Gen-Next Web Design Agency. We are a passionate, results-oriented Web Design Company team based in India.

We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish, unique and customized web portals and digital MARKETING SERVICES. Our experienced team of professionals is well equipped according to cutting edge technology solutions.

Why you choose Webespire for Web Development Services

Webespire Consulting boasts of a highly skilled and creative team member of UI/UX designers and Web Developers from several industries. Whatever be your project, we would love and happy to sit down with it and create something user-friendly and unique. Our Web Applications Development & Website designing is further supported by 24×7 friendly support and we guarantee to meet more than your expectations. We always ready for provide instant support and listen quickly to our customers.

Webespire Consulting

Webespire Consultancy is a trusted name recognized for offering mobile app development, offshore web design, offshore web application development across the globe. We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish, unique and customized web portals and digital marketing services.

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How to Create App in Ionic

Hi Folks !

I am continuing from the last article. I guess you all are able to install the latest open source Framework for cross platform mobile app development.

Mobile applications have great dependency with us. For each and every things weather it is research, travelling, cooking, music or any kind of work, we look for mobile application in their app store. We first check ratings and reviews, then if we are satisfied, then we will go with that.

Not taking so much time , I just want to show the way to start work with Ionic Framework.   Ionic app development

How to Create App in Ionic .

Go to command prompt. (Just go to run and type cmd, it will open command prompt)

You should keep your project folder on desktop.
1. cd Desktop
2. cd testMyApp
3. ionic platform add android
4. ionic build android
Notes:This “ionic build android” will create apk for Android.
5. ionic run android ( Run your apk in android )

Test apps in browser
6. ionic serve

Note: x.jpg image in Project Folder Structure

Hooks:  Hooks are scripts that can be triggered during build process.
They are usually used for Cordova commands and build automated processes.

Platforms:This is the folder where Android and iOS projects are created.

Plugins:This folder contains Cordova plugins.
When you initially create Ionic app some of the plugins will be installed.

Resources: This folder is used for adding resources like icon and splash screen to your project.

SCSS: Ionic core is built with Sass this is the folder where your Sass file is located.

www: Www is main working folder for Ionic developers.
Ionic gives us their default folder structure inside ‘www’ but you can always change it to accommodate your own needs.

CSS: Folder where you will write your CSS styling.
img: for images.
js : contains apps main configuration file (app.js) and AngularJS components (controllers, services, directives).
libs: libs are where your libraries will be placed.
templates: for your HTML files.
index.html: index.html as a starting point to your app.
Other files:
.bowerrc is bower configuration file.
.editorconfig is editor configuration file.
.gitignore is used to instruct what part of the app.
bower.json: bower.json will contain bower components and dependencies if you choose to use bower package manager.
gulpfile.js: gulpfile.js is used for creating automated tasks using gulp task manager.
config.xml: config.xml is Cordova configuration file.
package.json: package.json contains information about the app, dependencies and plugins that are installed using NPM package manager.

I hope you all guys get what I want to share. Feel free to ask more.

Webespire Consulting

Webespire Consultancy is a trusted name recognized for offering mobile app development, offshore web design, offshore web application development across the globe. We are one of among the offshore website design agency recognized globally. We also proffer stylish, unique and customized web portals and digital marketing services.

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