Which One The Best PHP Framework For Your Next Project?

The recent development in PHP version seven and also the want for each skill to make up his web site has exaggerated the usage of PHP seven. The recent unleash is additional stable and makes it the simplest language to be used as a server-side programing language. the matter lies in a way to select the correct PHP framework.

PHP is employed even by the highest internet development corporations to make and maintain their systems. Even Facebook uses PHP to take care of their systems. The recent poll shows that eighty-two % of websites square measure being powered by the PHP Framework internet services.

Which One The Best PHP Framework For Your Next Project-www.webespire
Which One The Best PHP Framework For Your Next Project-www.webespire

Before selecting the correct PHP framework, create your vision clear, collect what’s required, and ascertain that what you’d be operating on:

  • What is your main purpose behind building the web site? it’s vital to seek out out your real purpose behind building this website. can it be a directory, a social human action web site, Associate in Nursing e-commerce platform or simply an electronic communication frame? If it’s regarding e-commerce, then you’d want a framework that gives you with payment gateways and lots extensions, and if it’s an electronic communication frame, it’ll be a platform that uses databases and multiple servers for quicker property and cargo reconciliation.
  • Which setting would you be mistreatment? Your primary goal decides the setting you’d be using. a significant framework needs further software package and PHP standard styles that you’ll not realize with the shared hosting setting, and you’d got to further transfer it. On the opposite hand, light-weight frameworks need quick servers, higher information manipulation rates, and enormous processing. MySQL is the most suitable choice for such frameworks and provides all further extensions and libraries required for the light-weight framework.
  • What smart developer you are? It doesn’t mean that a foul developer will ne’er build a web site. It’s with regards to finding your weaknesses and strengths. Even a decent developer has weaknesses. This helps beginners to settle on an easy framework. conjointly the protection and also the price of maintaining the web site increase the purpose of that framework to settle on.

How to select PHP Framework?

  • After deciding your purpose, see whether or not the framework provides you with the practicality and also the options meeting your necessities.
  • What new would you learn from it?
  • Is it attainable to expand it and compress it to limit you wished to? and mix completely different modules.
  • Does the PHP framework Development Company provides regular updates and is often maintained?
  • Does the PHP framework development web site have an Associate in the Nursing updated forum to assist its users with the difficulties?
  • Do the PHP framework internet services offer short or long run supports?

PHP Frameworks will be broadly speaking Classified into 3 sorts

  • Glue Framework: it no tightly controls modules and therefore provides nice flexibility. it’s designed for high-end developers giving them the liberty to program within the method they require.
  • Full-stack Framework: it’s a configuration centered framework, and then provides lesser flexibility than the glue sort. it’s the simplest possibility for beginners sanctionative them to follow codes for {the completely different|the various} frameworks and permitting them to feature different options to further modules.
  • The mixed framework may be a combination of each the total stack and glue sort, giving the user choices to use either of them relying upon the necessity.

An excellent PHP framework is one that gives modularity, is climbable, has a simple programming platform, higher potency, supports nearly each management system, error detection, and correction options, and encompasses a huge community for all spherical development and support for developers. For me, Laravel is the final winner because it has all the options.

Laravel is the latest and also the most stable framework employed by the highest net development corporations. Now, select your PHP framework with wisdom once longing all the main points and also the one that meets nearly every demand.

What is the PHP framework?

The framework is a combined collection of tools, libraries, and scripts, conditioned by a single programming convention to standardize, speed up work and solve basic complications for a programmer.
If PHP frameworks won’t exist, with each separate project, we would have to worry about advanced and error-free database support, friendly URLs, session management, sending e-mails and hundreds of other smaller or larger formalities that are universal and should not take our time. We do not have to worry about it at all because of the ready-made projects called frameworks. We have time to focus on more important issues, and not on repetitive tasks that we would not do as well as the entire community that is constantly using and improving the framework.

What PHP frameworks are available?

If we already know the advantages of using frameworks, it is worth thinking about which one to choose for the job. If we want to experiment and have time, it is worth knowing the basics of each and choose the one that suits us best. However, usually we do not have so much free time and it will be better to know one framework, but exactly.

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of the most popular PHP frameworks, in searching for the one from which it is best to start our adventure and which will best meet our needs.

Currently, the most popular PHP frameworks are Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend, CakePHP, Phalcon, Slim.

Let us briefly discuss all solutions:


The most popular PHP framework at the moment, despite the fact that it was created only in 2011. Around Laravel emerged a huge ecosystem of services, solutions and training materials that have been created (the mere mention of a huge compendium of knowledge is the Laracasts website — we highly recommend all PHP programmers, not only those using Laravel).
Laravel has its own ORM — Eloquent, its own template system — Blade, the vastness of ready-made out-of-the-box solutions, among others authorization, cache support, multiple file systems, queues, etc.


One of the most popular PHP frameworks, consisting of many independent modules. There are quite a few other solutions based on these modules, for example, Drupal, the phpBB forum, and Laravel.
The use of modules from Symfony allows you to speed up your work in every aspect of the work on the website.

Symfony has also gathered around a very large community with a large number of successful implementations of large scale services.


Codelgniter is a quite light project, occupying barely 2MB, with a simple configuration and very good documentation. It was created in 2006, but it did not develop at the same pace as other frameworks.
At some point there was a risk that the project would die, however, it has been developing rapidly for 2 years.
Codelgniter does not use many solutions, which were in PHP 5.6 and PHP 7, thanks to it is not compatible even with version 5.2.4 (which we do not recommend), but it is an advantage when we have no exit and we must use servers shared with the old a configuration that can not be updated. But besides, it is very fast and allows a lot of freedom in programming style (which is an advantage, as well as a disadvantage)


Yii is a framework that focuses on speed and simplicity. Like other frameworks, it allows you to generate many objects/files for us and allows you to automate basic tasks such as cache, authorization, tests, translations, etc.

It is strongly integrated with jQuery, thanks to which it allows unique integration of front-end and back-end by Ajax.

Zend Framework

Zend is a quite complex, albeit complicated, framework. It has a lot of facilities like built-in drag & drop editor or online code debugging. The main plus is its performance on large projects.
However, due to the multitude of configurations and the possibilities of efficiency improvements, it is certainly not the best solution to start with.


CakePHP is quite an old solution compared to this statement, but still very popular. It has very good documentation, is easy to use, but also uses a lot of modern PHP concepts such as namespaces.


A very interesting solution is Phalcon, which was created in 2012 and unlike the rest of the frameworks, it was written in C and C ++ to achieve the highest performance (PHP itself is written in C ++, although PHP7 in some tests is slightly faster than pure C ++). This also affects the type of code, which is more low-level, devoid of abstraction, which reduces the number of resources used, but also the readability of the code.

After all, if we care about speed, first of all, it is certainly an interesting solution, but in the context of API (where performance is key), the more recent solution in this statement might be a more appropriate solution.


Slim is a microframework, with a minimum of facilities, which primarily has speed and efficiency as its main goals. The main application is a REST-based API (abbreviated as network services that perform operations and recovers data based on HTTP-based requests), where you do not need many solutions used in complex websites.

Slim has, of course, the basics of caching, routing, session security and cookies. In addition to the API, you can also build fully-fledged websites, but in comparison to other frameworks, many improvements will not be available, due to its nature.

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