Reasons why Mobile Applications fail

Mobile Applications have become an indispensable part of present day technology. In March 2017 about 2.8 million mobile applications were available on Google Play. The corresponding figure for Apple App Store was 2.2 million.

In spite of the Applications being used by various segments of people depending on the utility Mobile Applications sometimes fail to meet their utility.

Why do some applications fail?

  • Proper research work not done – It happens many a times that the Mobile Application Is developed without proper research. The targeted consumers are not properly recognized. It is very necessary to see what the competitors have done. Have they made a similar application? How did it fare? Have improvements or additional features to be introduced over and above the Application made by the competitors. An Application with the same features as already made by a competitor will not be liked by the audience.

  • Usability across various platforms – A user friendly mobile application which can show its use across various platforms is what the developers of Mobile Applications should consider. Some applications run on Android, but fail across Apple platform. An application should be able to work well across devices, networks and operating systems.

  • A happy user is what makes an Application successful – An application should be user-friendly. If a user struggles to perform basic functions on your application, it is bound to be a failure. The application should load in the minimum possible time period.

  • Lack of Consistent Users – Many a times users use an application for 2-3 days and thereafter forget it. It is a part of the mobile memory of the users, but not a part of their own memory. This is due to the lack of features which re-invite the users again and again to use it. Applications should have features which a user needs to have to use it frequently.

  • Lack of Testing – A mobile application should be tested properly. There are bugs in the applications which ultimately have an effect on the application when it is downloaded by the end-users. Sometimes applications are bound to crash under these situations. Most of the common reviews on the application stores are sometimes related to crashing of Mobile Applications.

It is very necessary that time and money are spent on the applications judiciously after considering all above points so as to create an application which has an impact on the users.


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