Next Generation Open Source Framework for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Mobile application becomes a very essential part of today’s digital era. No one want to go with laptop or desktops, when they have mobile devices in their hand.
User want to do each and every thing with mobile. Digital Age is moving, and passionate developers are doing so good. The new arrow of mobile app development is Ionic.

Ionic frameworkIonic Facts and Features:

(1) Ionic is latest open source framework used for mobile application development. Being cross platform, you can develop apps for Blackberry, Android, iOS and Windows platform by simply creating APK file.
(2) You just make code for your application, and create different APK for different mobile platforms. Indeed it saves time.
(3) Ionic provides tools and services for creating mobile UI with native look and feel.
(4) Ionic framework needs native wrapper to be able to run on mobile devices.
(5) Ionic is a powerful HTML 5, SDK that helps you in  building native-feeling mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
(6) Ionic currently requires Angular JS in order to work at its full potential and services.
(7) While you can still use the CSS portion of the framework, you’ll miss out on powerful UI interactions, gestures, animations, and other things.
(8) Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework targeted at building hybrid mobile apps.


Ionic Advantages:

(1) Ionic Lab: Build your code and test it for iOS and Android platform side by side.
(2) Live Reloads: No need to refresh the page after changing code.It save time with instantly update with code.
(3) ngCordova: Angular Js is behind this, powers full native functionality.
(4) A single command is enough to run the code.
Ionic Framework Features:

1. AngularJS
2. CSS components
3. JavaScript components
4. Cordova Plugins

5. Ionic CLI

Setup Requirement:

1.  NodeJS
2.  Android SDK
3.  XCode
3.  Coradova and Ionic

See Video Transcription Here : https://youtu.be/QQmQvPoaSmc


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