Affordable Small Business Hosting

Provides Affordable small business hosting and Domain Registration service at low prices. We also offer Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Managed Dedicated Server and Website Web Design and Development.


Managed Hosting Services for Business & Technical Needs

The managed hosting service is always the best choice as compared to other service providers. We have spent almost ten years in development and promotion of products. Webespire is always ready to provide Fanatical Support and more with hosting solutions as well. If you are looking for something simple and highly customized applications, you are on the right track. We have always provided strong support with rich set of expertise that cannot be delivered by other people.

Get in touch with us for Critical Application Services

Your website always requires online presence which is quite critical for improving your online business activities. You can always deliver world-class, Enterprise-level hosting solutions as soon as join hands with us.

Get the Best Storage

You should always have a look at the right storage solution as according to your budget amount and performance you are looking for.

Managed Security

You can always choose from individual services or comprehensive compliance solutions for meeting your business security needs.

Easily Manage Your Virtualization

Always go for benefits of the cloud as like flexible compute, easy scaling, and availability. They are combined as keeping in mind easy management, reliability and advanced features for enterprise-class virtualization technology.

Dedicated Server

You can always customize the sharepoint services as what you are looking for. Expert members will always help you in managing the complexities of the hardware and software applications.

Easily Manage Database Applications

You can always take the advantage of MySQL, SQL and Oracle expertise for licensing and installation services also.

Professional Services

Our experts will help you in using consultative services as to help you to get the best environment.

Hosting can be divided into following parts:

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is often the most popular form of web hosting. They are called "shared" because different web applications are stored on single physical server and thereby helping in sharing the resources. You can always search for separate account with specific parameters as like traffic, number of databases and disk space also. The account is administered entirely by the user via a web-based interface control panel that offers quick access and sound control for the accounts. It is quite suitable for smaller and heavily loaded websites.

Semi Dedicated Hosting

Semi-dedicated hosting is also the most popular of its kinds. The server is configured as to host less with more heavily loaded websites in terms of bandwidth. The users can always have separate accounts with the parameters many times larger than those offered by the shared hosting service.

Dedicated Hosting

The client application is not shared with the server's resources with other user's applications. The server also uses entire available bandwidth for several purposes. The give application also uses entire hardware resources of the server located with the system settings. The users need to have full control of the servers. They offer commonly installed operation systems as like Linux, FreeBSD and Windows also. The kind of hosting is quite useful for websites and web applications that can generate substantial hardware load and more. It is often recommended as a solution for sites that register more than 15000 visits per day.

Virtual Server

Virtual server stands between "shared" and "dedicated" hosting only. The physical server is divided into several independent virtual servers. These servers are being looked upon as like dedicated and separate operation system is being installed on it according to the user’s needs. Some of the commonly used virtualization software includes User-mode Linux, Virtuozzo, FreeVPS and VMware as well.


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